Grandfather's Rose

My grandfather planted this rose by his log house in 1907. My mother took cuttings in the late forties when the log house was torn down. It has been propagated and passed down now to the 4th generation. His homestead was high in the mountains of northern Idaho and this rose can easily survive -10 degrees without any damage.

It has a life of its own and we have to continually hack it back as it grows over the roof of the barn and causes leaks by growing between the sheets of metal roofing. It only blooms in June but what a show....When I had my nursery I propagated thousands and sold them here in Spokane. Now in June you see it blooming all over town and I know my grandfather (dead for 60 years) has to know and be proud.....Had to share.

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

So this is the rose that everyone was talking about - at least I get to see it! I wonder if it would survive my winters? So lovely!

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